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For more than 10 years, DaisyLabs has been providing high quality services to help companies building their information assets, successfully designing and implementing analytic systems. Like engines for cars, Daisylabs information engines are the core component of the delivered analytic systems.
Effective user interface let useful information naturally emerge from the wide ocean of the company. Information console are the front end build by DaisyLabs on information provided by information engines.
We are a consulting and technology company specialized in analytical systems that for more than 10 years has been delivering successful projects using front line technologies.
We believe that a company grows if every single person inside the company grows.

During project’s lifecycle DaisyLabs works in partnerships with company’s people and company’s strategic advisories starting from the business model definition to the final implementation of the system.
DaisyLabs guarantees delivery and quality.
Information Engines are build using the best technologies suited for customer’s needs adopting proven and mature technologies and methodologies.
The result is a personalized but flexible engine able to satisfy customer’s business needs.

DaisyLabs Information consoles are framework based, either on mature and consolidated technologies or on emerging one depending on customer’s  business needs.
They allows the integration of structured and unstructured company information, data streams and front-end application in a unified environment.

We distinguish in the consulting market for the pragmatism we act joined to the solid technical and theoretical skills we use to design.

We have established expertise in Financial Services, Telco, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, E-commerce and Pharma, as well as deep technical skills in Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Relational and Multidimensional databases, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Software Development.

Manage and simplify the complexity




Web consoles are front ends build by DaisyLabs on information provided by information engines. DaisyLabs realizes web consoles within the Company’s Portals and Intranet Sites infrastructure of customers.

Geo consoles are front ends build by DaisyLabs on information provided by information engines and from other sources. Sources can be internal and external to company boundaries. The Geo Console provide an innovative way to integrate and explore information assets in a virtual geo-spatial workspace.

Proven Tools to guarantee your IT investment




ECA is a server side component suitable to migrate homemade iterative process (e.g. simulation, what-if analysis) based or prototyped using MS Excel, with partial results saved and distributed in different sheets.
ECA let companies move from the prototyped phase to an engineered enterprise system.


This accelerator, available on different technologies, enables the segmentation (i.e. clustering) of customers.
Segmentation can be based on buying behavior, like RFM attributes (recency, frequency, monetary), or other metrics, and identifies groups of similar customers.
When segmentation is dynamically updated, it allows to analyze transitions between segments. Similar techniques are suitable also to group products.


Understand Them scans sets of variables (products, product attributes, customer attributes, nodes of a commercial network etc.) and identifies the best predictors of “ok vs not ok” (loyalty vs churn, wealth vs bankruptcy, good vs bad quality, good vs risky branch, profitable vs unprofitable customers or products etc.).


This accelerator implements survival analysis, a technique that comes from medical research but is
perfectly suited for marketing research.
“Keep Them” helps to predict customers’ “residual commercial life” and to identify the most correlated factors of “customers’ departures”.


Train Them includes a series of well tested courses, that have been taught in companies as well as in Universities. Topics are Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Reporting, Data Mining, SQL, MDX, R.



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